Ready For Läs Lov!

[Note 7th of July, 2021: Due to the size of the video files that were placed in this blog post, we were not able to post new media on our library blog. This is why we have removed the below mentioned media. If you’re really curious, you can email me and I can share it with you! Thank you for your understanding.]

Last week, some students worked on their book recommendations of their favorite books during their library lessons. See below for the results! Maybe it will give you an idea of something new to try?

Since our school library is closed, the best place to get your books is the public library of Gothenburg. Of course! If you don’t have a library card for the amazing network of libraries in our city, follow this link to set one up.

We would like to thank Rebecca Leonard for teaching PYP and LGRP F and 1 students dancing, singing, acting and listening skills in her fun and inspiring Musical Theatre workshops!

What an amazingly successful ISGR Scholastic Book Club we had this time around! 183 orders were placed, which allowed us to choose Scholastic books for 3211 SEK! Thank you very, very much! See the photo below of the second batch of books we chose (see our previous post for the first batch of books). What now? Your ordered books will be shipped to Sweden. They will arrive at our school, where we will sort them out. In week 45 or 46, your child will receive their books during their library lesson.

The Aquarium Club worked on setting up the tank last week. We are hoping to have fish happily swimming in our carefully prepared habitat in a few weeks!

The displays in the library are set up for after the break, and are focused on autobiographies and true stories. The Swedish display recommends books if you enjoy reading Nikkis Dagbok or Dagbok for alla mina fans! We also have a bunch of new non-fiction titles in English!

Maybe this was a visually overwhelming post with LOTS of books, titles and front covers to process… Perhaps it’s worth checking again later. The idea is to feel prepared for the Läs Lov (Reading Break), with lots of inspiration and time to read!

Next week on the blog, the new library club dates will be announced, as well as when the “release party” for the fish will be held.

Rest me only to say: Happy UN-Day (one day too late, sorry), Happy Reading and…

Happy Halloween!

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