Revisiting Rules & Routines

Welcome back! We hope you’ve had a wonderful (Reading) Break, with lots of time to rest, read and play.

This week in the library, according to Responsive Classroom practices, we will revisit the rules and routines we have in our library. We will remind ourselves what our library rules are and why we have them. Understanding why we have the rules that we have, makes it logical and easier to follow them. Depending on developmental level and group dynamic of the class, we will play the Where’s Wally game (moving safely through the library), Clap around the Circle game (community building and turn taking) or the Genre Matching game (responding to the chime/practicing self-control).

It is important to revisit rules and routines throughout the year. “Revisiting routines throughout the school year can empower students in the classroom: when they have a clear understanding of expectations, they will be less reliant on you. Routines can also maximize their learning time and give them a focus that leads to engaged and purposeful learning. This will free you up to engage in the fun parts of teaching, such as having deeper conversations with students and helping them explore new concepts.” Read the full article on revisiting routines with students, on the Responsive Classroom website here.

You can read our ISGR Library Agreements in these pdf documents, which are the posters we have up in the library.

Here are the three simple and clear library rules, stated in positive language.

ISGR Library Club will continue with Board Games every other Friday! See poster below for dates. We welcome all students from grades 2 and up!

Our aquarium is just a tank with water and rocks right now. Plants, special mangrove wood, and more rocks are ordered and on their way! Soon it will be a proper aquarium… just without fish. We would like to have guppy fish, because they are apparently easy to keep, adaptable and our tank is big enough for quite a few. We can buy them, but we if you have baby guppies at home that need a new aquarium to live in, please email us: Thank you!

We hope to have a “release” party when we release the fish in our tank on Friday, November 20th. All Aquarium Club members are welcome (they will receive a separate email as well). After that, the students who are interested will take turns taking care of the fish.

That was it for this week. Rest me to say to stay safe and healthy, and of course… Happy Reading!

Windy, rainy and dark outside? Curl up with a good book!

Your Library Team,

Sophie (Monday – Thursday) and Fleur (Tuesday – Friday).

P.s. Did you miss the previous post (before the break) with all the book recommendations, new books and displays? Read it here.

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