True Stories

Last week, we all reminded ourselves about our Library Rules & Routines. It was clear that the students know exactly how things work in the library! It’s good to recognize that we’re all on the same page!

This upcoming week is all about true stories and (auto)biographies. Most of our displays are devoted to that, as well as our library lesson. We will read aloud from “Life of a Firefly” written by local author Sandra Brown-Lindstedt and from “Stories for Kids who Dare to be Different” by Ben Brooks. Both books are available in our school library. After the read aloud, we will “think, turn & talk” with the person next to us in the circle and share what we would write about ourselves, about our lives. We are very curious to hear the students’ perspective on their own lives, and what they think is worth learning about!

To learn more about “Life of a Firefly”, please visit Sandy’s Author Facebook page. There is also a contest to name her next book! It would be great if our ISGR students can be part of this, as it was Sandra’s visit to our school a few years ago that inspired her to write “Life of a Firefly”!

This week, we will have Board Games on Friday, November 13th. We will be playing Werewolves, but there will be other games to choose from if you’d rather not play a scary game on Friday, the 13th…

All the ISGR Scholastic Book Club orders have come in and have been distributed, so everyone should have received their books. If you haven’t yet, please email Fleur! Thank you again for all your orders, it allowed us to have many free Scholastic books for the library! Also, our annual big (BIG!) fiction order as arrived from AdLibris (about a 100 books!). This means a lot (a LOT) of new books for our students will be trickling in as they get covered and cataloged in the next couple of months. We are thankful and priviliged.

We will end this post with our latest additions to our library:

Happy Reading,

Your Library Team

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