(Auto) Biographies Continued

We had fun playing the role-playing game Werewolves last Friday (the 13th!). Our next board game session is on Friday the 27th.

We had a great time with the Stories for Kids who Dare to be Different book by Ben Brooks, as well as the Life of a Firefly by local author Sandra Brown Lindstedt. The students were interested in listening to parts of both books. Some great questions came up. For example, “How do we know these stories are real? Maybe they’ve just made it up!”. That speaks to our independently and critically thinking IB minds that our students are developing!

Next week, we will continue using the above mentioned books to learn about true stories and (auto)biographies. Last week, our plan was to share the stories then ask the students what they would write about themselves – but it turned out that the students had many questions about what we read, and we used our time brainstorming answers. After that, they wanted to hear more! So this week, we will read more and then pause to think about our own lives, and what we would write about in our own autobiography. What are facts or events worth sharing? But first, what qualities make a fact or event worth sharing?

The two lucky students who are the first to check out Life of a Firefly by Sandra Brown Lindstedt. Many more have put their name in line to borrow the book.
Remember to enter the Life of a Firefly Christmas Contest! You can download the book onto your Kindle via Amazon here. Or you can read our library copy, of course.

The inquiry cycle can help organize our exploration of new knowledge and skills. Setting up the aquarium in our library has been quite the learning journey! We’ve bounced around that inquiry cycle for some time, but now we are happy to announce that the aquarium is all set up and ready to go for the fish to move in on Friday, November 20th. All current Aquarium Club members will receive a personal invitation. After that, we will re-open Aquarium (Maintenance) Club for new members who will help out with caring for the fish and their habitat.

Home Sweet Home

That was the library news for this week! And as always…

Happy Reading!

Your Library Team

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