Sharing the Joy

Last week, we noticed how during our Quiet Reading Time of the library lesson, students often choose to read together. The main purpose of our library and the library lessons is that students get excited about reading their chosen “just right” book(s)! Sharing the joy of reading supports that idea.

We had fun playing board games last Friday. We even had two old PYP students come and visit us. Our next session is on Friday, December 11th from 14.30 until 15.00ish. Students from grade 2 and up are welcome to join us!

Conceição brought us some nice big plants for in our library. Beautiful to look at it, and good for the air in the library! She is also the one who beautified our reception and staffroom. If you are interested in following her and her flower/plant business, you can find her on instagram: @conceicaosgarden. Thank you, Conceição!

Last week, our library lesson was all about the aquarium and the fish. Questions were asked and agreements were made! A poster with all the questions will be posted up above the aquarium on Tuesday.

Students looked at the fish with a lot of interest, focus and full of wonder!

If your child likes to be part of the Aquarium Club, email Fleur by Monday, November 30th at the latest! We will meet on Thursday, December 3rd to decide who will be feeding/cleaning the fish when. We will take turns to feed the fish. It’s a little tricky feeding the fish with 20 students at the same time!. Parents who have registered their child, will receive an invitation/confirmation on Tuesday for the meeting on Thursday, December 3rd.

Next week during our library lesson, students will have a chance to express their wish for the next round of Creative School events taking place in the school year of 2020 – 2021.

In week 50 we will introduce the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020! It will run from December 14th 2020 until January 15th 2021. Students who complete the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020, will receive a cloth book bag (either made from recycled fibres or organic and fair trade cotton) with a fun ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020 print on it!

In week 51, the last week before the break, we traditionally had students return all their books so we can make an inventory of the books. We are so organized this year, that this is not necessary. So this year, students get to check out books over the winter break! During our library lesson, students can share what they will be celebrating during the winter break and of course they get to color bookmarks.

We are looking forward to three fun-filled weeks!

Happy Reading!

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