The 171st Post

Wow, it was 170 posts ago that we started this library blog. The first post was on August the 27th, 2018. We currently have 105 followers of this blog, which means that 105 people will receive a notification as soon as something is posted. Some followers are ISGR parents, some aren’t (like my dad. He’s the biggest fan of our library.) Maybe you will become the 106th followers? The 107th?

I know, I know. It’s not about the quantity of things, but about the quality. Yes. But the more people in our ISGR community (and beyond, perhaps) read our library blog, the more they will realize how important and fun it is to read – and how they can support, encourage and inspire their children to read as well. Also, you will know exactly what is happening in our school library. How fun is that?!

Now back to library business.

Last week, students shared their ideas and wishes for the next Creative School events. Ideas ranged from clay/sculpting to drawing manga, from belly dancing to paper craft/art. We will collate all these ideas into a formal action plan, which we will then submit to the National Council of the Arts. After they have (hopefully) approved it, we can then start organizing the events we had written the action plan for. The events students have now expressed their wishes for, will take place next school year. It is long process, but it is worth it!

Next week, the focus will be on introducing the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020. All students are invited to join. Students can start the challenge on December 14th. Here is how the ISGR Winter Reading Challange 2020 works:

The goal is to complete challenges that will add up to 80 points.

You can pick and choose challenges. You are allowed to repeat a challenge. 

You can complete the challenges in any language you wish. 

The last day to submit this completed form, and all your work, is the 19th of January, 2021.

With your permission, we would like to post the photos (of your work) or recordings you have created to complete the challenges, on our library blog. Email your photos or recordings to

All participants who have successfully completed challenges adding up to a total of 80 points, will receive a cloth book bag with a unique design as a memento of the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020.

To download the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020 form, visit this Special Events page of our libary blog. Students may pick up a printed copy during their library lesson, or they can choose a bookmark with a QR code, if they need to have some to think about it.

Our next board game session is next week as well. On Friday, December 11th all students from grade 2 and up are welcome to join us, from 14.30 until 15.00ish. Come one, come all!

A quick aquarium update: we were totally wrong about our guppies! We thought we had three females (one of which possibly pregnant) and two males. Nope. Turns out that they are all “teenagers”, one females and the other four males! One of our PYP 2 students and his dad gave us two more guppies; a fully grown female with one of her babies. They taught us a lot about guppies and their habitat. For example how to tell the males and females apart (shape of the fins), and what kind of water plants we need. Thank you Thejus and Jagadeesh! Later in the week, one of our LGRP 5 students brought four more male guppies to live in our tank! That should be plenty for a while. Thank you, Nevia and Boris!

We’ve got a practicality to end with; our library will close at 14.45 on Wednesday, 9th of December due to a meeting we need to attend. Thank you for your understanding!

That is the end of the 171st post! We are looking forward to a fun and varied week!

Happy Reading!

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