Short and Sweet

Last week we introduced the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020! It is totally voluntary, and we were happy to see many excited students starting straight away! We’d like to emphasize to please take your time for it, no need to rush it. The earliest it can be handed in would be on Tuesday, January the 12th, and the latest on the 19th. So dive in, have fun and play with it!

We will look at the submitted work carefully. We want to see students have put time and effort in completing the challenges, and that they’ve done so with care and attention. Some students were quick to hand in their “finished” work, to which we responded that they’ve made a great start, a good draft, but it’s not done yet. There’s a reason why it’s called a reading challenge!

For more detailed information about the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge, navigate to the Special Events page “ISGR Winter Reading Challenge” of this library blog. If you have any further questions, please contact Fleur:

We are happy to announce that next week, students are welcome to check out books during their library lessons! In the previous years, we had to deal with so much backlog and big re-organization projects that we used the week before the Winter Break to do these things. This year we are all up to date, and would like to encourage students to choose great reading material for their break!

Apart from checking out books, we will also color bookmarks. Students love doing this, and we have saved this special and relaxing activity for the end of the term. We will try to laminate the colored bookmarks before the end of their library lesson, so they can be used many times and will last for a while.

This post is short and sweet!

Happy Reading!

Your Library Team: Sophie & Fleur

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