Welcome to a new term! We hope you had a wonderful start of 2021.

With my “to read shelf” barely emptied, our family has acquired some more fantastic books to read in the next few weeks. We hope you had a rest- and readingful winter break too!

Covid-19 is not done with us yet, even though we might be done with it. It is teaching me to let go and be patient. Accepting that the virus is going to be here with us and that we have to adjust our behavior is the first step. This means, for example, accepting that this term we will not have our after-school library club meetings. So no board games, aquarium club, crafts afternoons, etc. Students are welcome to come after school to return books, to check out new ones – but no library club activities. Unfortunately.

Some challenges can be fun though. Like our ISGR Winter Reading Challenge! This is what parents have written about the winter reading challenge:

“Thank you for keeping the kids engaged in these dark winter holidays when there was nothing much to do. We enjoyed the challenge!”

“It is a great challenge which refilled our melancholic winter with a positive boost. Thanks!”

“Thank you for setting up this Winter reading challenge thus giving an opportunity for both the kids and the parents to work on a common objective with a joint effort. It was really fun for all of us.” 

Students can submit their Winter Reading Challenge work until the 19th of January. Please email all photos and recordings to with your child’s name and class in the subject field. Students can also hand in their work on paper to us, during their library lesson. All students who have successfully completed the challenge will receive a book mark, and a cloth book bag with a unique design by the end of this month!

During our library lesson next week, we will play a fun game to remind ourselves of our library rules. And of course we will share about the latest books we have discovered and read. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Happy Reading!

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