First of all a big thank you to our librarian Sophie and our guest teacher Danny! Due to cold symptoms, plus two symptom free days, I was home most of this last week. Sophie and Danny did a wonderful job. I was sad that I wasn’t able to start the new term with the students, but I felt gratitude knowing that Sophie and Danny were there to make the students feel welcome in the library!

Thank you to all the parents who have encouraged and supported their children in successfully completing the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21! Thank you for your submissions, whether digitally or on paper. Everyone should have received a confirmation email by now. We have received 48 completed challenges so far! From Foundation all the way through 5th Grade. If your child hasn’t submitted yet, the deadline is Tuesday, the 19th.

I have enjoyed reading, looking at and listening to the completed challenges. The creativity, effort and thought put into the work I’ve seen has been tremendous. It has lifted my spirits!

With permission, we will share some of the work (it’s too much to put everything on!) on our library blog. We will try to do that by the end of this month. All students who have completed their Winter Reading Challenge will receive their bookmark and cloth book bag by the end of this month as well.

In the next few weeks during our library lessons, we focus on reading aloud. In each grade, we will share different books and stories. Before and after our reading, we will connect it to the IB Learner Profile Attitudes. Our first read aloud library lesson, we will use the Learner Profile Attributes to answer the question: How can we make the most of our read aloud time?

In Foundation and 1st Grade we will read a story from the Storytime Magazine. In PYP 2, we will start the short and exciting chapter book Mission Fox by Justin D’Ath. In PYP 3, we will choose one story from the IB Ten Tales from Different Cultures series per lesson. In PYP 4, we will read one myth per lesson from the “Usborne Illustrated Myths from Around the World”. In PYP 5, we will read one short autobiography per lesson from “Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different”.

We have got some more exciting new books to choose from:

New books!

Talking about exciting, our aquarium has some new inhabitants: baby guppies!

As usual, I would like to end the post with a library related comic.

Happy Reading!



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