Short & Sweet

This blog post is a little later than usual (and will be a little shorter than usual). My head was filled with all the wonderful, creative, and fun submissions for the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21. What a joy and a privilege to read, listen to and look at all the work that students have done to complete the Challenge. I think it is safe to say that this Winter Reading Challenge has been a success! Ninety students have successfully completed it. Based on the thoughtful, creative submissions, the happy faces of the students as well as the feedback from the parents; participating in the Challenge has been a positive and joyful experience for the children and their families. It was sweet to see the photos of the students reading with their parents, or hearing them read aloud together. Thank you all so much! One piece of work from each student will be posted on the library blog next weekend.

During our library lessons, we will continue our read alouds. We have been connecting the stories and its characters’ actions with the IB Learner Profile Attitudes. We will continue to do so. Next library blog, I will share some of the connections the students made.

It is quiet in the afternoons in the library, without library club. But we are happy to see that many students stop by to return their books and check out new ones. We continue to nurture a positive reading culture, even if we can’t have our special library events.

Happy Reading!

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