News and Nya Böcker

We’re building up this blog post from small news to big news!

First of all: we’ve heard many great connections the students have made between the IB Learner Profile attributes and the stories they had read to them during their library lessons last week. It shows that the attributes are truly part of our education and day to day life in the classroom. And hopefully outside of the classroom too! Next time you read to your child (or your child reads to you), ask them about the Learner Profile attributes and what connections they can make. I bet they’ll share some very insightful connections with you!

As you could guess, the main goal of our library lessons is for students to get excited about reading, for students to read what they’re interested in, and to be able to share their reflections on what they’ve read. That can look and sound differently for everyone. As these photos of a first grade’s library lesson show you…

Take a look at our new books, mostly fiction in Swedish!

Wednesday, February 3rd is World Read Aloud Day! How better to celebrate than double your read loud time together that day? The report, The Rise of Read-Aloud, states that “Read-aloud time is unquestionably a beloved and important family event. We also know from previous analysis through the Kids & Family Reading Report that both being read aloud to 5–7 days a week before kindergarten and continuing this habit are key factors in predicting whether or not children ages 6–11 will be frequent readers.” If your child is old enough to read by itself, doesn’t mean it’s time to stop reading to him/her. You can even read one chapter to your child, and then your child reads one chapter to you! Get ready with World Read Aloud 2021 with literacy advocate Malcolm Mitchell.

We’ve got some exciting news about our aquarium! We’ve got seven new friends to round out the small ecosystem: three bottom feeders (brown/black), three molly’s (one white, one black and one orange), and a water snail eater (orange/black) as we keep having baby water snails. It’s tricky to take photos of fish, but I’ve got a few snapshots for you to introduce our new fishy friends (but none of the bottom feeders, unfortunately)!

We have received the custom-made book bags for all the students who have successfully completed the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21! Next week, students will receive their book bag during their library lesson. The bags are made in Sweden from recycled fibres, and printed with environmentally friendly ink. We are super excited!

A link to the work for the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21 can be found here.

That was the end of this post with lots of exciting news! Thank you for reading our library blog, supporting our school library and encouraging your child(ren) to read for fun!

Happy Reading!

One thought on “News and Nya Böcker

  1. Reading this newsletter is just a joy. Thank you so much Fleur for keeping us up to date with all the wonderful news from the library.


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