Reading for Valentine

If you have missed our mid-week Happy World Read Loud video, click here to see it!

Sophie has cataloged some beautiful picture books to add to our library collection. We have read several already in our Foundation and 1st Grade Classes. Some students have checked them out to read at home. Reading aloud is one of the best ways to get someone excited about reading themselves! (I think).

We’ve got a few different displays up at the moment: Jacqueline Wilson books, New Arrivals, Books related to people who have made a positive change in the world, and… our new Valentine’s Day display. We would like to interpret Valentine’s Day in the most diverse and inclusive way: it is not only about romantic love, but friendship and kindness too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week, we will have another glorious week of read alouds, and hearing the connections students make with their own lives, the learner profile attributes, or other stories they have heard before.

Happy Reading!

Your Library Team,

Sophie and Fleur

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