The Music of Words

It was great to see all the students again in the library, after the Sports Break. We continued our read alouds, and made connections with stories we knew or asked ourselves the IB key concept questions.

On the 2nd of April 2021, it is International Children’s Book Day with The Music of Words as its theme. In the upcoming weeks, we will be slowly working towards that special day.

Here’s an overview of what our library lesson focus will be for the next few weeks:

Week 9: Poem Read Alouds. What is a poem? What kind of images do you see in your mind when you hear the poems?

Week 10: We read poems together. What makes poetry different from verse?

Week 11: Browse Usborne Books as part of our Usborne Books Event. Students can browse a selection of Usborne Books during their library lesson. They will bring a book mark home with instructions on how to order. Last date to order is Sunday, 21st of March (on the International Poetry Day!). Students will receive their ordered books before the Easter Break.

Week 12: How do you write a poem? Students who would like to, can write a poem. We will “publish” the poems in a poetry collection, which will be available in our library to check out!

Week 13: ISGR Reading Festival! During our library lesson, we will share the poems created by our classmates. Every day of the week, will have one focused activity (Dress Up Day, for example) related to celebrating reading, and The Music of Words in particular. More specific information will come later.

We’ve got some great new non-fiction titles in our library:

Happy Reading!

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