We Are Heroes

Poetry Last week was full of poems, thoughts, guesses and wonderings. We reflected on what poetry is, and what poems can mean to someone. It was very interesting!

Storytime We are now subscribed to Storytime magazine! We will receive three copies of our first issue soon. They will be available for students to check-out and read at home. As long as many parts of the world are in lock-down, parents will receive free access to the pdf version. Click here for the pdf of this month’s issue of the Storytime magazine.

We Are Heroes Also, the same publisher has developed a series of magazines titled We Are Heroes (which connects beautifully with the current PYP 2 unit of inquiry!). These retellings of ancient myths are put together to help children process and cope with the covid-19 pandemic. Click here for the free downloads of these meaningful and uplifting stories.

New Books We are happy to announce that we’ve recently added inspiring and gorgeous picture books to our library collection that feature different painters from around the world, throughout time. These art books are now on loan to the PYP 3 classes, as their current unit of inquiry explores the visual arts. After that, they will be available to all students to check out from our school library.

Usborne Book Sale It is time for our ISGR Usborne Online Book Sale! Not fully online though, more like a hybrid book sale. Next week during our library lesson, students will have a chance to browse the available Usborne books. They will receive a bookmark on which they can write the title(s) they are interested in. When they get home, they can show you – and you can discuss a possible purchase. You can click here to access the online ordering form. The last day to order is Sunday, March 21st. Contact Yvonne directly via ykenglishbooks@gmail.com for any book questions! She has read all the books, so she can help you choose the right book for you! By ordering books, you will support our school library. Thank you!

ISGR Reading Festival In week 13, we will celebrate our annual ISGR Reading Festival! We are very excited! Here are the posters that are up around the school. In next week’s blog, you will find more information about how to get ready for this fun-filled week!

Happy Reading!

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