Ready for Reading Festival!

We are ready for the ISGR Reading Festival 2021! You too? Click here to see what will happen in this festive week, in which we celebrate the music of words! Every day, we will have a different focus, and to get the most out, be sure to prepare! Nothing is mandatory though, but of course everyone is invited and encouraged to join the fun! We hope many students and teachers will join in, because the more people do, the more festive it will feel!

The Usborne Book Sale we had in week 11, turned out to be a great success! Books were sold for almost 20 000 SEK! This means 7800 SEK in free books for our school library! Wowsies! Thank you for supporting us that way (while building your own reading culture at home). Sophie and I will focus on the Usborne non-fiction titles, as well as the “See inside”-series (see below for some examples). We know that students, and teachers alike, love these! Now as for the delivery of your ordered books: we are very sorry to say that they are delayed. We counted on the books arriving next week on Monday, so students would receive them during the Reading Festival. Now we might have to wait until after Easter. Yvonne is going to chase up on this, so we’re hoping that the books come faster than that! We will keep you posted of course. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Sophie has discovered some inspiring and fun blogs and websites to get book ideas. Want to know what to read next with your child(ren)? Check out these (in English):

In Swedish:

Now that we are subscribed to the magazine Storytime, we have received the “Storytime Reading Catch-up Pack”. It’s packed with tips, games and challenges for your children’s reading adventures! A fun activity pack for the Easter Break!

Last week during our library lessons, we were so busy talking about the Reading Festival and how to get ready for that, that we didn’t have much time left to write our poems! A few students managed though:

We are super excited for Reading Festival next week! We hope you too!!!

We end this post with a ‘spoken word’ tip for the older grades; listen to George the Poet about climate change. For the younger readers; listen to Wes Tank rap Dr. Seuss books!

Happy Reading & Listening & Preparing!

Your Library Team,

Sophie & Fleur

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