Connecting Through Stories

Last week, we read The Shoemaker and the Dragon (PYP 1 and 2) and The Glass Knight (PYP 3 – 5). Students quickly made connections with the Greek myth about Medusa, as well as other knight and dragon stories. We found variations of the “brain over brawn”-theme. And of course, the most obvious connection was with the Basilisk in Harry Potter! Through finding the connections to other stories, it felt like we were connecting with each other.

Monday through Wednesday: Focus on the St. George Stories

In Foundation, we enjoyed reading The Story Thief by Graham Carter. This picture book lends itself excellently for pausing, and asking students for predictions or ideas of how they would solve the problem. The book ends with the main characters (Olive and Octopus) being “ready to share their new idea with everyone…” How fun it was to ask the students what they thought what that new idea could be! Try to do that at home too, when you’re reading with your child(ren); ask for predictions, solutions, reflections or alternative endings. The creativity you will meet is inspiring!

On Thursday, we focused on Earth Day!

Next week, we will read The Cracked Pot – an Indian Story, again from A Year Full of Stories. We will read and reflect, as usual, and then I will share books with the students that feature stories from India. We will also talk about fables, or moral stories. Which ones do you know? What did you learn? And why do you remember that one in particular? I am looking forward to tapping into the rich cultural heritage students are part of (sometimes without even realizing it), and how we will learn from, and about, each other.

Sophie keeps up the notice board outside, always keeping up to date with the new books she daily catalogs and adds to our vast library collection! Students often stop and look at our new books. Which is exactly the point, because most books are so popular that they almost never sit on the shelves. Having the photo posters up, allows students to place reservations on the new books. Otherwise they wouldn’t even know we have them!

We now have a permanent display of new books! We’ve added a lot of fiction, both in Swedish and English. We’re expecting more Usborne fact books and Read-A-Thon requests to arrive soon. Currently on the display are the picture books that focus on artists, on their works and lives. They’ve been in the PYP 3 classrooms for their unit of inquiry, but are now available to all students.

We are looking forward to a readingful week, full of wonder! (Or a wonderful week, full of reading).

Your Library Team,

Sophie & Fleur

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