Circus, Vesak and New Books

The circus is coming to ISGR! To be more precise: Circus teachers from Cirkus Unik are coming to our school to give circus skills workshop for the LGRP and PYP 2 and 3 students! They will enjoy a 45 minute outdoor workshop (let’s hope for good weather!), in which they get to try out and learn circus things like juggling and walking on stilts! These workshops are part of our Creative School/Skapande Skolan project, funded by the National Council of the Arts. Cirkus Unik will be at ISGR the 19th, 21st, 26th and 28th of May. We are very excited!

Last (short) week, we read many different picture books about artists. We learned so much! Did you know that Henri Matisse decided to become a painter when he was 40 years old! And that Andy Warhol’s nephew is now a children’s book writer and illustrator?

Next week, we will be reading from A Year Full of Stories again: The Hare in the Moon – A Buddhist Story. Vesak is celebrated on the first full moon in May. On this day, Buddhist all over the world honor the birth, the enlightenment and passing of Gautama Buddha. As always, we will share our thoughts and feelings about the story, and I will show the students non-fiction books about Buddhism.

So many new books! They just keep coming in (not by themselves, obviously, it’s all part of the plan). Some are still for the Read-A-Thon readers, others are honoring teacher- or student requests. Happy Reading!

I would like to end this post with an anecdote (if I could draw, I’d make it into a comic!). It often happens that a student says to me, “I don’t know which book to choose!”. My standard answer is; “Well, what kind of book would you like to read? Are you in the mood for fiction or facts?” So when last week a PYP 2 student told me he didn’t know which book to check out, I asked him, “Fiction or a fact book?” He looked at me. He looked away. He was clearly thinking about it. Then he looked at me again and said, “Faction! I want a faction book.” It made me laugh! (And then I, of course, told him about narrative non-fiction and fiction based on true events, with the “sant” genre sticker).

Have a great week!


Sophie & Fleur

2 thoughts on “Circus, Vesak and New Books

  1. So many great new books and lots of learning going on in our ‘hub’ of learning – the ISGR library!


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