Swimming into June: World Oceans Day

Last week, we read a great mix of stories during our library lessons: Zoo, and Into the Forest by Anthony Browne. We read all the stories out of the Storytime magazine, to different classes of course. But the grade 5 students chose for extra quiet reading time (they just love to curl up and read their books!). We will read aloud again in these classes next week!

We had our two last Cirkus Unik workshops, funded by the Creative School (Skapande Skolan) project which is a grant from the National Council of the Arts (Kulturrådet). It was a success. As one of the teachers wrote in an email reflecting on the workshop with her class: “Some of the students really showed off their talent for balancing, eye-hand coordination, and gross motor movement.  There were lots of smiles!”

Next week, we will celebrate World Oceans Day (June 8th) by reading Prince Fire Flash and Prince Fire Fade – A Japanese Story, from the A Year Full of Stories book. I will share non-fiction books with the students about oceans, as well as stories we have about feelings of anger, sadness and forgiveness (which are themes of the story). We will also reflect on what this story is teaching us, what this story is really about (as they are two storylines presented in this story). I am curious to see which elements of the story will stand out to the different students, as I don’t think there is one correct interpretation!

We have also put up new displays, observing current events (Eric Carle’s passing, Göteborg’s 400th Birthday, and the upcoming summer break):

Like we determined in the last post, the weeks are flying by! Here’s the overview:

Week 22 (31/5 – 4/6): Read aloud & circle time, return/check out books, return all public library books! (We have currently 29 public library books out on loan for our students).

Week 23 (7/6 – 11/6): Read aloud & circle time, just returning books! Color/folding bookmarks, chess, magnetic poetry, logical games. We will be chasing overdues by sending parents emails to help their child find and return ALL library books! Introduction ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2021!

Week 24 (14/6 – 16/6): No library lessons, but classes can come up to have some quiet reading time during their library time with their teacher (teacher’s discretion).

LGRP classes will be returning during weeks  23 AND 24 depending on the classes schedule. Teachers and children will be told but parents can contact Sophie to clarify (sophie.arnold@staff.isgr.se). 

Hope this beautiful summer weather will accompany us through the last three weeks with your beautiful children!


Sophie & Fleur

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