Reading and Returning

Only one full week of library lessons left!

All PYP students are asked to return their library books next week. This is true for most LGRP classes too. There are one or two LGRP classes who will be returning their books on Monday, the 14th of June. Contact Sophie for details:

During circle time in our library lessons next week, I will tell the students how to become a member of the public library. For the ones who are interested, they can take a registration form home. You can also create a public library account online. Our school library will be closed during the summer break, but most public libraries will be open. Find the library branch close to your house here. There are so many! If you want a book that is at one of the other branches in the city, you can reserve it and they will deliver it to your branch. That is what you call service!

Students will be invited to join the ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2021! Flyers will be handed out during the lesson as well. Or you can download this pdf:

After we’ve had our last story time of this school year (boohoo!), students will have time to color a bookmark, play chess, work with magnetic poetry, story cubes or do some other logical games. Or sit and read, of course!

The sun is shining; it’s time to go out and enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Happy Reading,


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