The Last Days…

We are entering the last week, the last few days of school before the long summer break. With this glorious weather it certainly feels like summer already!

Students enjoyed playing chess, logical games and with the story cubes, coloring bookmarks and browsing the “yellow box” (more about the “yellow box” later) last week. Some students chose to read the books that are otherwise always checked out (Dog Man, for example!). Most students have returned all their library books. Thank you! If your child hasn’t yet, please be sure they do this next week. The library will be open!

In last week’s post, we explained how to get a public library card, as well as where you can find your closest library branch. When I told students (last week during their last library lesson) about the fact that all the public libraries in Göteborg work together, and that you can reserve books which will then be brought to your local branch – they were positively suprised! If you haven’t already, please be sure to get your child(ren) a public library card. It’s easy and totally free!

Last week during our library lesson, we also talked about the ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2021! Download this (revised) pdf if your child didn’t bring the paper home and is interested in participating:

Feel free to email me ( if you have any questions. Students were curious about what the present will be, but we are still figuring that out. It won’t be a book bag! 😉 Something reading/writing related, of course, with an ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2021 print on it, so it will serve as a memento of their completed challenge.

Sophie and I have gone through the whole fiction section, and pulled out worn-out, damaged, and outdated books that we feel like we don’t need or want in the library anymore. But we do think they can get a second life with our students. These withdrawn books, which we used to put in a yellow box, are free for the students to take home, to keep forever. These ex-library books have either a cross through our barcode, or it has W/D (withdrawn) written over our library address stamp. Just so it is very clear that they don’t belong to us anymore, and that students can keep them at home to read! There will be more withdrawn books available to take home forever, next week. Students can come after school to choose the books they’d like.

With all the books returned, and the fiction section tidied up, you can see just how many fantastic books we have! Eagerly waiting for their readers to return in August.

The new Storytime magazine (#82) is on its way from England, but as always, you are welcome to get a head start with the pdf version of this colorful read aloud magazine. They’ve also provided a teaching resource pack with many linked activities for this edition, which could be fun to work with over the summer holidays!

Next week, we won’t have any library lessons, although the library will be open for students to return their last books. The classes who have their library time on Tuesday, will come to the library as normal though, for some quiet reading/coloring/logical games time.

In our next blog post, we will give you some reading routine ideas for the summer and a few reading tips to maintain your child’s interest and enjoyment in reading.

Until then,

Happy Reading!

Your Libary Team,

Sophie & Fleur

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