31st of July: Family Bookfest

We still have a few weeks of summer holidays ahead of us, so this is not a post about what we are doing in the library or what stories we will be reading aloud. I just wanted to let you know that I came across an online Family Bookfest event that will be taking place on Saturday, the 31st of July. It is organized by Scholastic and completely free. All readers and ages will find something they’ll enjoy, especially Wings of Fire and Harry Potter fans! Times are in EST, which means that you have to add six hours to make it our time. So it’s a bit late for some of our younger ISGR readers, but maybe that’s okay in the summer holidays?

Follow this link to join the event. See you there!

Also on the 31st, the Dutch sister of the Storytime magazine (the one we have in our library) will be posting my third “guest blog”. In these monthly guest blogs, I write about the importance of reading aloud, ways of reading aloud and what reading aloud can look like in the home, school and library setting. It is written in Dutch, so not very useful to most of you, but I wanted to let you know since most of my inspiration for these guest blogs comes from the students (your children!) in our library. In future posts, the guest blogs might include photos of our read aloud sessions in the library. This will only happen with your permission, of course.

If you are curious, you can click here to see my guest blog pop up on the 31st, or look for my previous guest blogs (published on the last day of each month).

If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late to start on your ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2021! I’m looking forward to seeing your completed challenge in the first week of school (either in my email inbox, or printed off). The present will involve paper, a pen and a Summer Reading Challenge sticker: in what shape or form is not completely clear yet. But who cares, it’s about the fun of reading, right? Happy Reading!

For now, I wish you a beautiful rest of the summer!

Summer Reading Greetings!

Fleur (and from Sophie too!)

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