201st Post

This is the 201st Post! It is actually not hard to believe that we’ve had so much to share with you. There’s a lot of learning happening in the library every week!

This will also probably be the shortest post I’ve written. I just want to let you know that, because our school week started on Wednesday last week, the students who have their library lesson today and tomorrow will have their first library lesson in the way I described in my last post. The students who have their library lessons on Thursday and Friday this week, will have a “bonus first lesson” with an extra hide-and-seek game: Where is Wally in the library!

Next week, all classes will have the same learning goal but the activities will be adjusted to their grade level. So this means all classes will have their second lesson in our “First Six Weeks in the Library” introductory sessions. More about that in our next blog post on Sunday evening (August 29th).

For now: happy reading in the sunshine!

Your PYP Library Teacher,


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