Getting to know each other

It was humbling to see all the smiling and exciting students coming through our library door last week, and the week before! When we played the “library game” (see photo), it became apparent how well the students know the library, and how easily they explained how our library routines work. We have a great foundation on which we can build even greater library experiences! And then to hear from a teacher that her class had said that Monday is their favorite day because they have their library time then, just makes our day!

Next week, we will be playing several circle games that will help us to get know each other, feel connected to one another and allow us to share what our expectations are in our library. We will work with the Y-chart, often used in Responsive Classrooms, to answer the question: What do we want our library to sound like, look like and feel like? These wishes and expectations will inform our library rules.

All students will be checking out one book again. From week 36 on, students in grades 2 and up will be checking out two books. All students are welcome just before school (8.20 – 8.30, not on Wednesdays) and just after school (14.30 – 15.00) to check out additional books, but students can never have more than three books in total out on loan.

We have received 22 submissions for our ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2021 so far. Remember that this Tuesday (August 31st) is our last day to submit!

Have a readingful rest of your weekend!


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