Laminated Library Learning Goals

Ready for a week of library learning goal writing!

Last week, in the PYP library lessons*, we brainstormed and decided on our library learning goals. Students wrote their goals on a piece of paper. For example: “I want to read thicker books, like Harry Potter” or “I want to understand what I am reading” or “I want to read every comic book in our library!” Clear goals that will give the students a focus point when they are choosing their books for that week.

Next week, we will build on that: students will write their library learning goal on a different (nicely cut in bookmark-size!) paper, as well as take some time to color and decorate if they wish. I’m hoping that we can laminate them during our library lesson, but we will see if we have time for that or if I do that after school. Students can bring their laminated library learning goals-book mark home. I will write down their library learning goals in my own notes for future reference.

Next week is Healthy Week at our school, both for our LGRP and PYP section. From the Health Week commitee and the mentor teachers you have received lots of ideas for things to do and talk about at home during the Health Week. It just so happens that our read-aloud magazine Storytime is focusing on health as well, mostly on our mental health. They’ve put together an activity pack to download for free. They have also organized a “Happiness is… Competition”. Students all over the world are invited to draw what happiness means to them. The winner’s art will be featured in the Storytime magazine. Click here to read more about this competition.

From now on, we will receive a weekly newspaper for children aged 7 – 14. Please download the pdf below to read “First News” with your child. Scroll down to page 20 for special book news, and page 21 for an interview with Jacueline Wilson!

We are looking forward to a readingful, healthy and balanced week ahead!

Yours Truly,

Fleur (PYP) and Sophie (LGRP, and PYP support)

*The classes who have their library time on Thursday, didn’t get a chance to brainstorm and discuss their library learning goal. (I was at home, recovering from the effects of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination). We will take time to write our library learning goals next week.

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