From Now On

Dear Library Blog Readers,

From now on, each post will be structured in a way so that the information can reach the right audience. The first part of the blog, “General Library News,” will be interesting for both PYP and LGRP families. The second part of the blog, “PYP Library Times,” will be aimed at informing our PYP families of what is happening in the PYP’s library lessons.

General Library News

The presents, for the students who successfully completed the ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2021, have arrived! A few students received their presents last week already, everyone else will get theirs this week during their library time. Congratulations to everyone who have completed the Reading Challenge! We are already looking forward to the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 21-22! (Note: the notebooks and pens are made from recycled materials, and the stickers are printed as environmentally friendly as possible. To learn more about the company we ordered from, you can take a look at their website HERE.)

This Friday (1/10) it will be World Vegetarian Day and on Monday (4/10) it will be Cinnamon Roll/Kanelbulle Day! This deserves a display, of course. 🙂 Bon Appetito!

Remember to check in at the Storytime website and participate in their “Happiness is…” art contest! Click HERE to do so.

As part of our Creative School/Skapande Skolan grant we have received from the National Council of the Arts, we have organized photography workshops for the LGRP and PYP 5 students. They are led by photographer Zainab Arshad and will take place next week on Monday (4/10) and Tuesday (5/10). Students will find out what photography can mean to someone, and will explore what photography can mean to them. After a short technical explanation, the students will engage in a hands-on experience of taking photos with an analog point and shoot camera. The results will be shared in an exhibition the week after at our school.

PYP Library Times

Last week, many classes were able to finalize their library learning goals. See the photos below for a few examples. Note the wide range of goals students came up with!

The Thursday classes will have a chance this week to finish their library learning goal book marks, as well as one of our Friday classes. Next week (week 40), all students will receive their laminated learning goals and we will work with it then. We will use our learning goals and our thoughts on what the library should sound, look and feel like to reflect on our library agreements. We will decide if they need to be adjusted or changed in any way. But that’s for next week since this week the Monday classes had to miss their library time and the Thursday classes still need to work on their library learning goals! The classes who have already done that, will play the library game during circle time. This time the library lions need to get to the library in 10, instead of 15 minutes! See if we make it!

It was Health & Well-being week last week, so in our Foundation classes we shared some great non-fiction titles to support the students in learning about what it means to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This week, we will share more new non-fiction titles with the Foundation students. After that, we will focus on stories to connect to their overarching unit of inquiry they’re working with in the classroom.

Happy Reading!

Your Library Team,

Sophie & Fleur

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