Warm and Dry

Dear Readers,

I hope you’re staying warm and dry during this windy, rainy weekend! Perfect reading weather, if you ask me!

General Library News

Next week, the PYP and LGRP 5 students will participate in a photography workshop led by photographer Zainab Arshad. She will share with the students her passion for photography, and will brainstorm what it means to be part of a community and how you could capture that in a photo. Students will work together in small groups, using different tools to experiment with. The workshops are funded by the Creative School (or Skapande Skolan) Grant which we have received from the National Council of the Arts.

On that note, we are currently working behind the scenes to organize the Creative School Events for the Spring term. All the workshop leaders are lined up, and now it is just a matter of setting the dates and finalizing logistical details. Every grade level will work with some kind of performing or visual arts expert, as well as participate in a workshop with a published author or illustrator. Details will be revealed once all is set in stone! It will be a busy, creative term is all I can say now!

Just a heads up that after the Fall Break (or Höst/Läs lov), we will start our online Scholastic Book Sale. They offer a wide range of books in English for competitive prices. The library will receive a certain amount of books based on your purchases. More information about that in week 43!

This Monday (4/10), the library will close at 14.45, due to a meeting. Thank you for your understanding!

Maybe you’re familiar with the fantastic children’s bookstore Bokskåpet in Linnéstan. Now they’ve opened an indepedent “sister store” on Danska vägen. Read more about Lilla Bokskåpet HERE.

PYP Library Times

Last week, almost all students finished their Library Learning Goal book mark – which are all laminated now too. With some classes we played the Library Game, and to the younger students we had a cozy read aloud with one of the stories from the Storytime magazine.

This week, we will start our library time with sharing our library learning goals. It is interesting and helpful for all of us to know what everyone is working on. We can make connections, and help each other achieve our goals. After we’ve shared our goals, we will look at the sounds/looks/feels Y-chart we created in the beginning of our school year. We will put that next to our current library agreements. Then we will discuss if our agreements need changing or adjusting. The rules are there to serve us: there are there for us so we can accomplish our library learning goals, and so our library sounds/looks/feels like we had imagined in the beginning. So next week is a time for reflection for us to determine whether or not our current library agreements help us make the most of our library time.

Here are our current Library Agreements:

We are looking forward to a reflective week!

Your Library Team,

Sophie & Fleur

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