The Next Chapter

Dear Readers,

We hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, enjoying the beautiful autumnal colors all around!

General Library News

As you know, we are subscribed to the Storytime Magazine. This magazine is filled with amazing read-aloud stories. Because of our subscription, we get to try out their new Storytime Hub, in which all their stories are accessible as pdfs and audio files. This means you can listen to one of their stories, and read along (if you wish). Twenty ISGR families get to try this out. Please email me ( if you are interested. First come, first serve.

Last week, we had the photography workshops for the PYP and LGRP 5 students with Zainab Arshad as part of our Creative School project. The students were very engaged and enjoyed taking photos with different types of cameras. Zainab is coming back next week to make a montage display with the developed photos.

PYP Library News

Last week, we shared our library learning goals with each other. We took turns reading our learning goal out loud. While sharing our goals, we were listening for connections. After everyone had their turn sharing their goal, we shared the connections we found. Some students realized that other students had a very similar goal, or that they could help someone else with their goal, or that they could learn from someone in their class. Great connections were made!

We reviewed our three library rules: 1. We take care of the books, 2. We take care of each other, and 3. We are quiet, calm and focused in the library. We asked ourselves: will these three rules help everyone to achieve their library goal, and have the library sound/feel/look like the way we described a few weeks ago? The answer was a clear YES! This means we can move on to our next library unit of inquiry: Read Aloud sessions.

Next week, we will start our library time with answering the question: How can we have our Read Aloud session together so that everyone is able to hear the story, understand it and share their thoughts and feelings about the story we read? Students will come up with agreements so we can make our Read Aloud session successful and enjoyable for everyone.

We will read different stories with each grade level, see photos below:

We will read one picture book per week with each Foundation and First Grade class.
These are our (from left to right) PYP 2, PYP 3, PYP 4 and PYP 5 Read Aloud books.

We are looking forward to a storyful week!

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