Sunshine and Stories

Dear Readers,

Hopefully you enjoyed this beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine and stories! Let’s hope the sun keeps shining, and the stories keep being told!

General Library News

We have a bunch of new books that have been added to our (already wonderful!) library collection:

We are ready for this week with a new display with books about the UN and Halloween! The display will keep being refreshed as students are loaning the books (which is the point of a display, that students check out the books that we show/highlight!).

It is “Teach Graphix Week” this week, and although we won’t do something with that, it is good to know that are some exciting online author/illustrator events that you can attend! Check it out HERE!

PYP Library Times

Last week, we started our read aloud sessions. We answered the question what we can do (with our bodies and minds) so everyone can hear the story, can think about it and can share their thoughts or feelings about the story. The Thursday and Friday classes didn’t get a chance to do this yet, so we will be doing that this week. For the Monday and Tuesday classes, we will continue reading our stories!

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