Week 45: The Week After

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a relaxing and fun Reading Break/Läslov! Did you manage to complete the reading bingo?

General Library News

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Go to https://eu-schools.scholastic.co.uk/int-school-of-gothenburg/digital-book-club to browse the latest books and order online. For every €1 you spend on the ISGR Scholastic Book Club, our school library will earn 20¢ in Scholastic Rewards.

Please place your order online by November 17th, 2021.

This week during the library lesson, all students will receive a Scholastic Books catalog with a selection of the books. There are many more books to choose from when you go to the link above! The ordering and paying happens online, so need to fill out any forms or give us cash.

Wednesday, November 17th is the last day to place your order. Once we have finalized the order, the books will be shipped to our school. We will distribute the books to all the students. Scholastic reassured us that all students will receive their books well before the Winter Break.

The reason why we run this Scholastic Book Club (= Book Sale!) is that the school library receives 20% free books. This means that for every book ordered, we receive points. With these points we can “buy” books. All the free books we receive from this book sale, will go to our school library.

Thank you for your support!

PYP Library Times

It is Non-Fiction November! This week, we highlight the non-fiction titles that are new in our library.

This week, during our library lessons, students will be encouraged to be critical readers when they are learning from our new non-fiction books. We, for example, noticed that the “influencer series” presented mostly the positive side of being a gaming, toy or style influencer. It didn’t bring up any questions to consider. For example, what it would be like to be dependent on the “likes” of others on social media, or the fact that you maybe don’t have as much freedom to make your business choices as you think. Who is influencing who? When you are reading fact books with your children, search together for different perspectives presented to help you discuss a balanced view on the topic. What is your opinion? And what do you base this on?

We will use our library lesson to hand out the Scholastic Book Club leaflets as well, and of course we continue our read alouds.

Happy Reading!

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