Read, listen and play!

General Library News

This weekend, I read in the Göteborg Direkt newspaper (see article below) that Gothenburg is the UNESCO City of Literature of 2021! Read more about the process behind it HERE. We’re looking forward to many literary events in the city with the funding they’ve received.

Göteborg Direkt, 13/11/21

The City of Gothenburg, and its network of libraries, publicly promote reading aloud every day. Every for a minimum of 10 minutes. From the earliest age you can imagine, to much older than you think. Yes, you’re 2 and your 12 year old will both enjoy being read to.

The new Storytime is available in our library! Download the resources pack here:

We can have our ISGR Library Club again! This club holds different events, like board game afternoons and book groups. Everyone in grade 2 and up are welcome to join. No need to sign up, just show up with a smile on your face!

This week, during our library sessions in both the PYP and LGRP classes, we will ask students to vote on five Creative School workshop options: junk sculptures, working with textiles, drawing manga, painting techniques, and experimenting with instruments. Their votes will accumulate into a ranking, which gives us a direction as to what kind of Creative School workshops we can organize for next school year (2022 – 2023). Their expression of interest will inform our action plan, which we will submit to the National Council of Arts in January (2022).

So far, the ISGR Scholastic Book Club has been very successful! The last day to order is this Wednesday (17/11)! Thank you to those who have already placed their orders. We have received almost 2000 SEK in rewards! We’ve chosen most of the books on our wish list (including the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates). We’re hoping to add the Pokémon Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook!

There are only two days left to order from our latest ISGR Scholastic Book Club. Just go to to browse the latest books and place your order.

Every €1 you spend on this month’s Book Club will earn 20¢ for our school in Scholastic Rewards.

We expect to finalize the order this Wednesday, and we hope to books will arrive in the first week of December. We will keep you posted, of course.

PYP Library Times

During our library lessons, we will focus on the Creative School voting process. But we will also, of course, continue with our read aloud stories!

In the F and 1 classes, this means some new fantastic picture books. In the second grade classes, we will continue with Mr. Gum. In third grade, we read more Sideways Stories from Wayside School. In fourth grade, we will dive into another Thanksgiving story. In the 5 classes, we randomly pick a life story to read from Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different.

Happy Reading!

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