Week 47: Being Thankful

Dear Readers,

In our family we celebrate Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, we celebrated last Saturday. It is good to pause and reflect for a moment, to really know and feel what you are thankful for. What are you thankful for?

General Library News

Thank you for your Scholastic Book Club orders last week! The finalized order has been put through, and we are expecting the books in the first week of December (fingers crossed!). One of the students asked today, “What if they’re not there then?” I guess we will just have to wait. The good news is that our school library got to choose free books worth £500! We chose a range of books: fact books (including the newest Pokémon Encyclopedia, but also environmentally focused titles), popular fiction (Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Shoe Wars, and much, much more!), Julia Donaldson picture books, fact and fiction by underrepresented voices, minecraft fact and fiction, a bunch of new graphic novels (including the Babysitter’s Club box!), and some great new titles that we don’t have anything of in our library. We are super excited! Thanks again!

We had great fun with our board game session last Friday. It was wonderful to see both LGRP and PYP students in the mix! This way we contribute to our school well-being goal: “At least 60% of our students have a friend in the other section”. We hope to repeat this once more before the end of term. The date of our next board game afternoon will be announced next week on the blog!

We’ve just got in some excellent new non-fiction books. It is the “Cool Tech” series published by World Book. These books are thoroughly researched and the information is presented in a way so it is accessible to most fourth and fifth grade students. It is hard to keep our technology book up-to-date, so we are very happy with this new series.

Last week, our library sessions focused on expressing what the students are most interested in learning and doing when it comes to the Creative School workshop options. There are several LGRP classes that still need to vote. When we have collected all the results, we will share what workshop content had been voted on the most. Stay tuned!

PYP Library Times

Last week, we continued our read alouds as we will this week. This week, in the PYP F and PYP 1 classes, we will be listening to an Ukrainian story titled “The Mitten”. This story comes out of the newly published “Winter Tales” by Dawn Casey. I love anthologies with stories from all over the world, so when I saw this in the book store, I couldn’t leave it! In PYP 4, we will read a story from that same anthology, called “Tanuki’s Gold”, a folk tale from Japan. With both stories, we will show fact and fiction books connected to these stories.

In PYP 2, 3 and 5 we will continue with our read aloud titles we have read thus far.

With all classes, we will focus on the “Connect & Wonder” thinking routine. This means that after the story, we pause and think about connections we can find with the story. For example, one student said today, “I am scared too sometimes, like Polly was” (Polly in the Mr. Gum story by Andy Stanton) or “I dove once from a 23 meters height into the water and it hurt!” (after reading about the kindergarten teacher from St. Nicolai who jumped into a 25 meters deep mineshaft to save her three year old student. They both survived. This story can be found in “Stories for Kids who Dare to be Different”).

We are looking forward to a reflective and readingful week!

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