Wonderful Winter Break!

Dear Readers,

This is the last blog post of this term! Poof! The term went like that. Very fast.

We wish you a wonderful, restorative and joyful winter break. We are looking forward to seeing you all in January again!

General Library News

Join our ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 21 – 22! Read all the information you need HERE. To find detailed information about how to get a hold of the book Matilda, read THIS blogpost.

Sophie is covering and cataloging our new Scholastic Books we have acquired through our rewards (thanks to your purchases!). Here are a few more we can add to our library collection:

PYP Library Times

Today and tomorrow, I will read a few classic Christmas stories I brought from home to share with the students:

Students are welcome to check out books and read them over the holidays. If students are traveling, and would rather not check out books in fear of losing their library books, we understand that too.

Students can use their library time this week to color in a winter-themed bookmark, if they’d like. We’re looking forward to some cozy quiet reading time as well. We’re winding down these last two (PYP) days, ready for our winter break.

Happy Reading!

Fleur & Sophie

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