Week 4: New Books and Reading More

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to another week of reading and library fun! Many students are absent due to covid (directly or indirectly). We think of you, and we wish you all the health, strength and patience that you need! And remember that there are some great free websites with lots of stories to read and listen to. Check out our “useful links” page on this library blog!

General Library News

We’ve got some splendid new books to show off!

First of all, the remaining non-fiction titles from our Scholastic Book Sale (yes indeed, we did get a lot!). We chose many inspiring books focusing on ordinary women doing extraordinary things. When I showed a class the “Women’s Football” book this morning, one of the students said, “What about men’s football books?”. True, I said, but so many books on sports, science, or any other field really, focus on men’s achievements that we felt like it needed balancing out a bit. We hope that, in the future, books about great scientists, designers, engineers, etc. are books about great people who changed the course of history – whatever their gender!

We have (finally!) received the books from India we ordered last year in January. We had a long list of books in different Indian languages. Not all were available, but we are thankful for the ones we were able to purchase for our school library. Today, I noticed how proud children felt that “their language” can be found here in the library. Other students asked if we had books in Turkish, Spanish, Rumanian, Chinese and Japanese. Yes, to all! And more! Obviously, we focus on English and Swedish, but it’s important that all students are able to access books in their mother tongue as well. The public library here in Gothenburg has an immense collection of books in languages other than Swedish. Learn more about that at the “World Literature House” in Gothenburg.

I’ve told all classes, but just here for you as parents: our ISGR book club for students in grade 3 – 5 is starting soon! We will meet online once a month, our first Google Meet is on Friday, February 4th from 16.00 – 17.00. If your child has expressed interest, please read the pdf below carefully. If your child likes to sign up, please return the form no later than this Friday (28/1). The maximum number of students is 12, and we still have a few spots available! Email me (fleur.doornberg-puglisi@staff.isgr.se) with any questions.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the new PYP promotional video features our beautiful school library as well! Watch and pass it on!

Just a reminder that we will let you know when we will have our Matilda Movie Night as soon as we know!

PYP Library Times

Last week, we immersed ourselves in the new read alouds. So many connections and questions after these first sessions. Wonderful to see such inquisitive students!

We had a great spontaneous read aloud in one of the PYP 1 classes, where many students brought books to share with us. One of the students treated us to “Please, Say Please” by Kyle T. Webster. It was so fun! You can listen to it read aloud HERE.

This week, we will spend our circle time in the library lesson introducing the new non-fiction books and Indian language books displayed in the library. We will continue with our read aloud books as well. This week in the younger years, we will focus on the connection conversation starter “This story reminds me of…” and in the older years, students will reflect on which learner profile attitudes they can recognize in the chapter we’ve read.

In PYP F, we will read “Hey, Little Ant!” by Phillip and Hannah Hoose connected to the IB key concept of perspective. In PYP 1, we will read “Dragons Love Tacos” by Adam Rubin connected to their unit of inquiry focusing on celebrations.

We are looking forward to a great week, full of courage and curiosity!

Happy Reading!

Fleur & Sophie

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