Week 5: This, That and the Central Idea

Dear Readers,

My apologies for posting the update later in the day than usual. I was absent most of last week (Thank you, Mona and Sophie for keeping the library running!) and had a lot to catch up on this afternoon. Happy to be back for two full weeks, before we have sport lov in week 7!

General Library News

We’ve got more fantastic non-fiction titles to add to our library collection. Some that are a great fit with PYP 2’s current unit of inquiry focusing on habitats and animal life.

We are still trying to figure out when would be a good time for our Matilda Movie Night. Thankfully, I noticed today, many classes are full of healthy students again. Hopefully that trend continues across the grades! We will let you know as soon as we’ve made a decision. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience!

PYP Library Times

This week in our library lesson, we will start with a greeting song. We will briefly discuss the central idea of our new library unit of inquiry: “Finding a ‘just right’ book requires skills, knowledge and courage.” Students can share their first thoughts and associations they have connected to the central idea. In the next few weeks, we focus on one question each week during circle time. Of course, all of these questions and their answers are woven into every circle time, every conversation Sophie and I have with the students, as well as into discussions students have with each other about books and book suggestions. By highlighting one question per week though, we can slowly unpack the central idea and fully develop and strengthen our skills, knowledge and courage required to choose a ‘just right’ book!

We will also continue our read alouds, of course. Nothing is as magical as a spellbound audience taking in every word of the story, living the story in their minds, and erupting with questions as soon as story time is finished!

We are looking forward to a purposeful couple of weeks with lots of healthy students and teachers!

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