Week 6: A “just right” Week

Dear Readers,

What a beautifully sunny day to start our week with! Just right!

General Library News

Hurrah! We’ve got dates for our Matilda Movie Night! Calendars ready? Here we go:

Tuesday, March 1st: PYP F – 2 students + All LGRP students

Friday, March 4th: PYP 3 – 5 students

The film will be shown in the library, from 14.35 till the end of the movie (16.15ish)! There will be saft (juice) and popcorn. Students don’t have to bring anything, except their movie ticket. They will receive their movie ticket in week 8 (the week after sport lov). If your child is in PAL, please inform the PAL-teachers that they will be in the library for the movie until about 4.15. They will continue in PAL after that.

Finally! Yay!

PYP Library Times

Before I dive into what we’re doing for our library lessons this week, I’d like to tell you about a second grade student. This student, Shreyansh, has been making, writing and illustrating book since he was in first grade. All of his titles are non-fiction books and teach us about animals. He’s created ten so far, and he is currently working on his eleventh book. He truly is a prolific writer! All of his books are available in our school library. Check it out!

Shreyansh, a second grade student, is a prolific writer. Here he is with his tenth published book.

This week during our circle time in the library lesson, we will put our heads together to answer the question: What is a “just right” book? Today’s classes had some insightful thoughts, as you can see on the photos below (sorry for my handwriting!). We will continue with this question throughout the week.

As always, we will continue our read alouds. In the Foundation and First grade classes, we will read Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians. A fun re-telling of the Goldilocks story, teaching children how to pick a “just right” book. You can listen to it HERE as well.

We are looking forward to a “just right” week!

We will see you for our next blog post on the Monday after the break (21/2). Have a great week, and a beautiful break!

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