Week 8: More than just rain and snow

Welcome back! We hope you’ve had a great sports break! It was quite rainy and snowy here in Sweden, which means lots of cozy times to curl up with a book. Or maybe you travelled to catch some sun rays?

In the Jönköping Museum, you can learn more about artist John Bauer.

General Library News

We’ve got more new books! It just never ends. 😉

We’ve just put several big book orders in as well. A great mix of novels, picture books, non-fiction, students favorites, teacher requests, English, Swedish, graphic novels, replacement copies and new installments of series, etc. It will take several weeks, maybe months, to cover all the books and to catalog them. But from now until Summer, you will notice a steady stream of more new fantastic books flowing into our library. Such privilege!

It appears that our Storytime Magazine issues have been delayed (or even lost?). I am working on solving this! In the meantime, we can read more about Storytime’s mental health theme and an illustrator interview HERE on their blog. The activity pack is free to download HERE. Happy Reading!

INFORMATION FOR ALL STUDENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE ISGR WINTER READING CHALLENGE 21-22: Our Matilda Movie Nights are set: Tuesday, March 1st we will welcome ALL LGRP students, PYP F, 1 and 2 students. On Friday, March 4th we will welcome PYP 3, 4 and 5 students. This week, students (who have successfully completed the challenge, of course) will receive their movie ticket. Please note that the library on 1/3 and 4/3 is not open after school to switch out books.

PYP Library Times

This week, we will start with a little game to remind ourselves of the three library rules: we take care of each other, we take care of the books and we are quiet, calm and focused in the library.

The main focus of our circle time is two-fold: students are invited to write down their book suggestions, books they think we should have in our school library. We will try our best to find and purchase these requests! We’ve received a grant from the Swedish Government to do just that! 🙂

The second thing is our read-aloud. This week, we will enjoy our stories and end with sharing any questions we might have about the book, or even the author. The goal is not to try and answer the questions, but just to share our wonderings with each other. We nurture curiosity!

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