Week 9: Sun and Sorrow

Welcome back for another week of library news! The sun is shining, the days are brighter. Perhaps that will help alleviate some of the worry around the recent events taking place in Ukraine? If only…

General Library News

Believe it or not, but we’ve got another round of beautiful new books! Picture books in English, and novels in Swedish.

INFORMATION FOR IF YOUR CHILD HAS COMPLETED THE WINTER READING CHALLENGE: We’re all set for the movie nights this Tuesday (ALL LGRP students, PYP F – 2) and Friday (PYP 3 – 5). Today I’ve received the question, “Until what time is the movie night?” Good question, and sorry I didn’t write this earlier on the blog. We start the movie right after school (14.30ish), as soon as everyone has settled in. I think we will wrap up around 16.15 – 16.30. Students who are in PAL will then head back to their PAL group, students who aren’t will exit the buildinng and find their parents at a pre-arranged meeting spot! Students don’t need to bring anything: juice and popcorn is provided!

PYP Library Times

This week in our library lessons, we will warm up with a quick quiz. I will say the first names of famous authors (for example, “Roald”), and students can shout out their last names and which books they have written. It’s been fun today, and I’m impressed with their author knowledge!

We will continue on then to “the decision tree” of choosing books. Students often tell me that they don’t know what book to choose. I walk them through the following questions:

  1. Would you like to read fiction or non-fiction?
  2. If you chose fiction: What genre, what kind of story would you like to read?
    • The next question becomes: Would you like to read a stand-alone novel or a series?
  3. If you chose non-fiction: What topic would you like to learn about?
  4. Whether you’ve chosen fiction or non-fiction, at the end you apply the five finger rule (more about that next week!).

The decision tree looks like this:

In PYP F and 1, we will focus on the characteristics of a fiction book and a non-fiction book. We will share some examples with the students. When students are checking out their books, they will tell us what kind of book they’ve checked out!

We will have time for our read-alouds too! In PYP 3, we will continue reading The Last Elephant by Justin D’Ath, in PYP 4, The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, and in PYP 5 Holes by Louis Sachar. In PYP F and 1, we will read one of the Little People, Big Dreams books. In PYP 2, we will finish our Bunjitsu Bunny by John Himmelman and for the PYP 2 classes that already have finished it, we will read the first story of the latest Storytime magazine. Reading aloud to the students might just be my favorite part of the lesson!

Happy Reading & Take care!


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