Week 10: Reveling in Reading Aloud

Another week. A sunny one, by the looks of it! I have found this article if you wish to talk about the Russian invasion in a matter-of-fact way with your children. It is important they know what is going on (because they already know something is going on), without unnecessary details. It’s a fine line to walk.

General Library News

Our Matilda Movie Nights were a success! One of our students wrote us a review of that afternoon. Thanks, Tanvi! It was interesting to notice how, even though we know from the book that Miss Trunchbull is horrible, seeing her horrendous face and hearing her shout in the movie, feels just a little bit more horrible than in the book! But it all turned out to be okay in the end. Phew!

We’ve got some great new displays up. The focus of the Swedish display is telling a story through illustrations. There is so much gorgeous art to be found in these novels!

The other display is set up for tomorrow’s International Women’s Day:

PYP Library Times

This week, we take extra time for our read alouds while reviewing the Five Finger Rule which is connected to our central idea: “Finding a just right book requires skills, knowledge and courage.”

In PYP F, we focus on our new Julia Donaldson picture books. I read The Smeds and The Smoos to the classes during our library time. It is a story of prejudices, friendship, understanding and cooperation.

In PYP 1, we read There is a Superhero in Your Book by Tom Fletcher. We will practice the Five Finger Rule, and students will receive a bookmark to remind them to use this rule at home too!

In PYP 2, we will read a Norse myth about Balder, out of one of the Storytime issues. This connects to PYP2’s new unit of inquiry in which they will explore different myths as well as artifacts. We’ve received the delayed Storytime issues, which are now ready to be checked out!

In PYP 3, 4 and 5 we will continue our read aloud novels, while checking in with the I-PICK method of choosing a “just right” book.

We are looking forward to enjoying long read alouds this week!

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