Week 12: To Be Courageous and Open-Minded

Last Friday, I saw THIS video in which Newbery Medal winning author Erin Entrada Kelly talks about being curious and what this brings to your life. Watch it with your child(ren), and I hope you feel as inspired and moved by it as I did!

General Library News

Guess what? We’ve got new books! Sophie is focusing on cataloging the books that have been reserved by students. Which means that the books go straight from her office into the students’ hands. Great! Except that no-one really knows which books have been added to our library collection. That is why Sophie puts all the photos of the books that are newly cataloged, up on the notice board outside the library. And I put them here on the blog.


Today (21/3) is World Poetry Day, as well as World Water Day. This Friday, it is Waffle Day here in Sweden, which is why we have a baking display!

The new Storytime issue is available in our library! Students can check the magazines out to read at home. You can read the story behind this month’s issue on the Storytime blog HERE. The resource pack is free to download HERE. As a school, we get access to their Storytime Hub – for free, but for a limited period of time as part of a trial. On the Storytime Hub you can listen and read to (or just read, or just listen to) all the stories that are published in their magazines. Our trial period has been extended, so if you’ve already got Storytime Hub accounts, keep using them! If you don’t, and you’d like to, email me (fleur.doornberg-puglisi@staff.isgr.se) and I’ll set you up an account. Please mention your child’s full name and class. Thank you! We’ve received 30 extra accounts; first come, first serve! We’ll be experimenting with the Storytime Hub as an extra listening station in our library. Our ancient CD player, and most CDs, are still working, but there will be a point that we have to move on…

PYP Library Times

This week, we will focus on what it means to be courageous and open-minded in the library. How will it help us to find a “just right” book if we are courageous and open-minded? I will show students a range of books, to give them examples when I say, “If you always read series, maybe you can try stand alone novels?” or “If you always read picture books, maybe you can try a chapter book?” I’ll show them historical fiction to try, classics to love, and true stories to inspire them. I’ve got a special little pile of books with quite unappealing covers, but incredible, timeless stories like, The Bridge to Terabithia and A Wrinkle in Time.

In PYP F and 1, I will read one of our many beautiful picture books. We’ve got so many stunning picture books, but they often get forgotten, simply because we’ve got so many! So this week I’m highlighting our slightly forgotten fantastic picture books. See the photo below for examples.

In PYP 2, we will read different myths and legends from the Storytime magazines. We will also explore chapter books and non-fiction titles, and I encourage the students to try to be courageous by trying something new!

We are looking forward to a week full of courage and newly discovered books!

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