Week 13: Meetings & International Children’s Book Day

This week is full of meetings: ISGR staff has an evening meeting today, a PD-day (professional development) all day Tuesday, our regular staff meeting on Thursday, and to round off the week – Sophie and I are hosting an International School Librarians Day this Friday at ISGR! As if that is not enough, it is International Children’s Book Day on Saturday, April 2nd. Boom!

Check out this year’s theme Stories are wings that help you soar every day HERE, and their flyer in many different languages HERE.

General Library News

In the spirit of International Children’s Book Day coming up this Saturday, we have set up displays, both in Swedish and English, with books connected to the theme of stories helping you soar as well as stories from around the world:

We have received a grant from the government to purchase graphic novels, “bridge books” (books that bridge the gap between graphic novels and chapters books), as well as non-fiction titles that support our curriculum. We have spent about half of that money now, and here are some of the books we purchased – ready to be checked out by the students!

PYP Library Times

Last week, I showed the students lots and lots of different books in the context of being courageous. Many students were courageous and open-minded and tried the books I shared with them! This week, we dive back into our read-alouds. Before we read though, I will pose the question, “Which character do you feel the most/least connected to, and why?”. After the read aloud, students are invited to share their thoughts. I’m curious to hear their connections! As part of the ATL skills (Approaches To Learning), students are asked to developed their social skills – one of which is developing social-emotinal intelligence. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes (even if they are fictional!) is doing exactly that!

In PYP F and 1, we will be reading the following books, connected to the International Children’s Book Day:

Students will also have the opportunity to listen to stories from the Storytime Magazine.

In PYP 2, we will read a legend from Storytime Magazine, connected to their current Unit of Inquiry on artifacts:

On Friday, when we have our International School Librarians Day, our guest teacher Mona will take the last two classes (3F and 1D) of the day.

We are looking forward to a week full of meetings, with real people and fictional characters!

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