Week 17: Reading Festival Day 2!

Wow! Another fun-packed Reading Festival day has just gone by!

During the library circles, we shared what we appreciate about certain stories, and certain kinds of books. We made some great connections with each other, and discovered some new books to read!

Here is our video message for today (and don’t forget about the challenge!):

Today was our third online workshop with Elise Gravel. We had some technical difficulty with our projector, but our teacher Hannah helped us out and we were able to enjoy Elise’s funny stories, questions and her interesting answers to our questions!

This afternoon, our Read-A-Thon took place. So many eager students joined us! The amount of sponsor money is overwhelming. So far, we have collected 2270 SEK! And I’m sure there’ll be more swishes coming in over the next few days. Please note that Friday is the last day to swish. Thank you! On Friday, we will donate the money to Rädda Barnen (Save the Children). We hope you all feel that this is a good charity to send the money too.

There was a bit of confusion for some students today, since they hadn’t understood that you were supposed to bring the sponsor form to the Read-A-Thon event. We only welcomed students who had their form with them, because then we knew that they had come prepared, that they knew what the expectations were (read for a long time!) and that they had their parents’ permission. We are sorry if this caused your child to be disappointed. It was written on the form, “remember to bring this form with you to the event,” and reiterated in the library lessons, but now I know for next year to also clearly repeat this instruction in communication with the parents. We are all life-long learners, and your child is welcome to join in the Read-A-Thon next year – with a filled-out form, please! 😉

Tomorrow, we will welcome Victoria Jamieson to our school! She will work with the 4th and 5th grade students for the next three days. Each class will have a 60 minutes “graphic novel creating” workshop. We are very excited and honored to welcome her to ISGR!

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