Week 17: Reading Festival Day 4!

The fun-filled, action-packed days just fly by!

Here is today’s video message, a longer one this time! Hope you had fun with our challenges so far! One of the students asked me how she will proove to us that she has completed the challenges, and what the price would be. I told her that she can tell us what she’s done and learned, and that the price is the knowledge she gained!

What a joy to have Hanna Olausson back at ISGR! Her workshops today were inspiring and fun, and all the students were engaged with her stories, and later on with their own drawings. Hanna will be with us tomorrow as well.

Victoria Jamieson had another day of fantastic workshops! We’ve received positive feedback from both students and teachers alike. Tomorrow is her last day already. (But I hope she’ll come back in a few years!).

Elise Gravel has had early starts of her days this week: her online workshops with us start at 7.30 am for her (13.30 for us), and tomorrow she will work with our last class (LGRP 3)… starting at 6.30 am for her! Thank you, Elise! Our guest teacher Tom, who was with 3D today, said that he had found the workshop very inspiring, and enjoyed the students’ engagement with Elise and the way she answered their questions. All in all a positive experience, again!

Tomorrow is the last day of the Reading Festival: Dress Up Day! Remember: no full face masks (face paint is okay), and no weapons (wands are okay). It is totally voluntary, but we do hope to see many students dressed up as book characters from tomorrow! Even if it’s a small thing: a crown, or a funny hat!

After school tomorrow is the book sale. We would like to remind you of the following:

  • The books available to buy are the books by our Reading Festival guests: Victoria Jamieson, Hanna Olausson and Elise Gravel. 
  • The book sale takes place on Friday, April 29th in our school library from 14.30 – 16.00
  • If you’re interested in Hanna Olausson’s books: she will sell her books, and sign them as well. Her picture books cost 140 SEK. 
  • If you’re interested in Victoria Jamieson’s books: she will be there to sign her books as well. Her full-color graphic novels cost 95 SEK (Roller Girl), 100 SEK (Pets on the Loose), and 125 SEK (When Stars are Scattered and All’s Fair in Middle School). Please note that we’ve got 55 of her books to sell.
  • If you’re interested in Elise Gravel’s books: she won’t be there to sign them. So here’s what we’ve come up with: students choose a book to buy from the posters we’ve put up (see the pdfs below for the options and prices). They pay then & there (swish or cash). We will then order all the Elise Gravel books that have been purchased by the students during the book sale. Elise (in her studio in Canada!) will make a personalized, signed sticker to put in the book. We will put the right stickers in the right books and give these to the right students!
  • If students come to the book sale by themselves, we ask them to pay with cash. Students who are with their caregivers, can pay with swish. We want the “swisher” to be present, so we can immediately see that the swish was successful. If it’s really busy, we don’t have the time to go into our swish app and check to see who’s paid for what – it’s much easier if the person who swishes is right there to show us their proof of the swish transaction.
  • Please don’t swish/give us cash before Friday for the book sale. This year, we don’t have it set up for pre-ordering. Thank you for your understanding! 
  • We expect it to be busy, especially in the first half hour or so. This might mean some waiting time outside the library. We ask you kindly to be patient! Thank you!
  • Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions: fleur.doornberg-puglisi@staff.isgr.se.

Believe it or not, but we are now at a total of 3413 SEK from the Read-A-Thon! Tomorrow is the last day to swish your sponsor money. On the weekend, when I post the update for Day 5, I will let you know what the grand total is. Thanks again!!!

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