Week 17: Reading Festival Day 5!

First of all, we would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the three author-illustrators: Hanna Olausson, Victoria Jamieson and Elise Gravel who worked with the students this year. Thank you for your inspiring and fun workshops. We learned so much! Thank you also to the teachers, students, and the parents. Thank you for your engagement! Without your enthusiasm, the Reading Festival would be very boring. Thank you to Skapande skola too. Thanks to this governmental grant, we are able to fund the author visits.

Here’s the video message for Day 5:

The total amount for the Read-A-Thon sponsor money has come to 3538 SEK! It has been donated to Rädda Barnen, to their general fund.

On the webstie, it says: “Tack vare din och andras vilja att hjälpa till kan vi fortsätta vårt livsviktiga arbete för barnen. Din gåva ger barn mat och medicin, möjlighet att gå i skolan, en meningsfull fritid och skydd mot våld och krig. Pengarna du skänker används där våra experter bedömer att behoven är som störst och där de gör mest nytta.Tillsammans ger vi barn en ljusare framtid.”

Which translates into: “Thanks to your and others’ willingness to help, we can continue our vital work for the children. Your gift gives children food and medicine, the opportunity to go to school, a meaningful leisure time and protection against violence and war. The money you donate is used where our experts judge that the needs are greatest and where they do the most good. Together we give children a brighter future.”

So… Thank you! 🙂

Dress Up Day was so much fun!!! We went around the school and asked each other which characters we were dressed up as. I’ve learned about many new characters! For example about The Happy Prince (Oscar Wilde):

We’re learning about The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

There were so many great costumes! Here’s a selection:

The Book Sale was a success! Thank you everyone for reading the information carefully: all the children came prepared with either cash, or with their swisher! All of Victoria Jamieson‘s books were sold out, but no one was left disappointed because they couldn’t get the book they wanted. Phew! 55 books was the perfect amount, it seemed! Hanna Olausson also sold many books, and it was great to see that our international students bought the books – even though they were in Swedish! It will be a great opportunity for them to practice their Swedish. Elise Gravel‘s books have been ordered, and Elise will work on the stickers to go into the books. We hope to hand out the books in week 20. Thank you for your patience!

The promised compilation video of the students’ mini-interviews about their favorite books and what they appreciate about certain kind of stories, need some more editing. No point in rushing the creative process. 😉 I hope to include this video in week 19’s blog post.

Thank you all again! And a personal thank you to my Reading Festival partner-in-crime: Sophie!

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