Week 19: STEAM Week!

What a sunny start of this week! Wonderful!

Here are a few last notes on the Reading Festival events:

We have received two more Read-A-Thon donations (total 400 sek), which I swished to Rädda Barnen (see receipt below). The next day, we realized how close we were to 4000 sek, so I swished the remaining few kroner. So in total we’ve raised 4000 SEK during this year’s Read-A-Thon. Wow! Thank you!

Last week, both in the PYP and LGRP classes, we have reflected on the author-illustrator workshops with Hanna Olausson, Elise Gravel and Victoria Jamieson. All students were very positive! We have written down their detailed and specific learnings, which we will feed back to Kulturrådet (The National Council of the Arts), as part of the Skapande Skola (Creative School) cycle. After the events, you have to submit your evaluation as well as your accounting of the events. When they approve of our evaluation, it means that we don’t have to pay back the grant we have received.

The compilation video with students’ reasons for their favorite books and stories is finished but quite long (11 mins!). I am trying to figure out how to get it off the iPad, and onto the Drive, YouTube or Vimeo. You will get to watch it one day, I promise!

General Library News

It is STEAM week at ISGR this week! Last week, our librarian Sophie cataloged new books that are on the topics of STEAM. We will show and promote these books this week during the library lessons, but students are welcome to come after school to take a look as well. Some have already been checked out today, but we can easily place reservations.

Even though we’ve got plenty of new STEAM books, we’ve prepared more books to share, including picture books.

We’ve got some more new books, including Graphic Novels and full-colour Tin Tin comics, as well as some bilingual books. The bilingual books are in English and an Indian language. In the last year, we have built up our Indian languages section, and these bilingual books are the last to be added (for now).

Looking ahead, each class will have one more Creative School workshop this term:

Next week (wk 20), artist and designer Nathan Clydesdale is working with PYP and LGRP 4 students on sculpting a time capsule.

The week after that (wk 21), artist Rachel Barron will be working with PYP and LGRP 2 and 3 students on stamping and painting.

In week 22, we welcome Danilo Borgerth who will be holding a music workshop for PYP and LGRP F and 1 students.

The workshops have the theme of “appreciation”, which links all of the Creative School workshops together throughout this school year.

PYP Library Times

This week in library, we look at the (new) STEAM books together, I show them the other newly cataloged books, and I inform them about the upcoming Creative School workshops. A lot of information in a short time!

Looking ahead, week 22 will be the last week to check out books for the PYP classes. If your child has long overdue books on their name, this is the time of year to do an extra-super-good search around the house (or the classroom, or PAL)! If you still can’t find it, we kindly ask you to pay a flat fee of 100 sek, to put towards the replacement copy. Thank you for your understanding!

Now it’s time to enjoy this beautiful sunshine (because it might rain tomorrow!).

Happy Reading!

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