Week 20 + 21: Returning to Read Aloud

Dear Readers,

It was an exciting week last week! So many new books to share, and such great STEAM books to promote. We are going to keep our STEAM and new books up on the display this week as well, so everyone gets a chance to read at them.

In this week’s post you will find information about the Storyweaver website, the Usborne Book Sale (25/5), more new books and… the video which I have been promising for the last couple of weeks! And of course, the plans for the PYP library times.

General Library News

In last week’s blog post, we put photos up of our new books in different Indian languages. We’d also like to highlight the reading and listening website StoryWeaver. There are 45.000 stories to read, in 314 languages! Pratham Books, the publisher behind this website, is passionate about making books accessible to as many children as possible:

“Since 2004, Pratham Books has been creating engaging storybooks in multiple languages and formats to help children discover the joy of reading – in languages they can understand, set in locations they can recognise, featuring characters with whom they can identify, and telling stories that capture their attention and fuel their imagination. Fired by our mission of ‘A book in every child’s hand’, we realised that in order to accelerate progress towards SDG 4, we need innovative solutions that bring books to children in a scalable and sustainable manner. In 2015, we created StoryWeaver – a new platform approach for book creation and distribution – that is taking books to some of the most disadvantaged children globally, particularly where chronic under-investment in the availability of mother tongue reading resources poses a significant barrier to literacy.” Read their full story HERE.

As you probably know, Yvonne Kennedy has been coming to our school for the past five years. She’s brought Usborne Books to our ISGR families, and our school library – because with every book sale the school received free books. Yvonne will not be working with Usborne Books anymore, so she will have one last book sale here at our school! She is going to bring all the books she’s got in stock, and will sell them at a reduced price.

Here are photos of the books on offer:

If you’d like, you can pre-order book(s). Here is how it works:

  1. Choose the book(s) you’d like to buy.
  2. Email Yvonne (ykenglishbooks@gmail.com) with the name of your child, class and the title of the book.
  3. Yvonne will email you back with instructions for payment. She will set the book aside for you as soon as it’s been paid for.
  4. On Wednesday the 25th, after school at the book sale, your child can pick up the book.

If you’d like to keep track of which books are still available, you can see that HERE in this spreadsheet. Yvonne will do her best to keep it updated. First come, first serve!

You don’t have to pre-order! You can also just stop by with your child(ren) at the Usborne book sale on Wednesday, May 25th, 14.30 – 16.00 (above the reception)! Payments can be made with cash or swish. See you there!

More new books in the library! Take a look, and see what you’d like to read with your children:

Finally! HERE is the compilation video in which students tell us about their favorite stories and books, and why it is their favorite story or book. It’s quite long, but I hope you can sit back, relax and enjoy!

What I Appreciate (Sharing Favorite Stories) from Fleur Doornberg-Puglisi on Vimeo.

When I was in the Sci-Fi Book store (again), I saw this poster, and I thought I’d share it with you. You’d might like to be part of, or just watch, this parade on Thursday, May 26th. It’s basically like the Dress Up Day we had at the end of our ISGR Reading Festival, but then times a 100! They start walking at Götaplatsen, and then down to Domkyrkan. Read more about this event HERE.

PYP Library Times

This week, during our library lessons, I will give the students a bit of logistical information about the next few weeks (see below), show them our new books, and read a picture book to them. That’s right, a picture book to all classes, all the way up to PYP 5. Picture books can be pieces of art, and can be enjoyed by all ages. I’ll share a few of my favorites, hoping they’d be checked out by the studens throughout the week.

The logistical information concerning reserving, checking out and returning books:

Week 20 (this week): Last week to reserve books from our school library, but only if there are no more than three students waiting in line. No more inter-library loans (i.e. no more reservations from the public library).

Week 21: No more reservations from the public library, nor our school library. Students can start reserving books again when we start back up in August.

Week 22: Return ALL public library books. Last week to check out books from our school library.

Week 23: Return ALL books! No checking out books. Students will receive information about how to get a public library card, so they can read through the summer break!

In the next few weeks, you might receive an email from us reminding you to help your child find and return their library books. Thank you in advance for your book-hunting!

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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