Week 22: Second-to-last Library Lesson

Dear Readers, it’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the end of May – and very soon, we will reach the end of another school year!

Creative School Workshops: Funded by the National Council of the Arts

In week 20, we had a great time with art teacher and designer Nathan Clydesdale. He taught the PYP and LGRP 4 students about clay and sculpting. He encouraged them to think about their future self and what they’d need to know in their lives (or rather, reminded of!). All students were engaged, open-minded and creative! Thank you to all the mentor teacher, students and – of course – Nathan for these amazing Creative School workshops! And thank you to the National Council of the Arts for funding these events.

Last week, we welcomed artist and art teacher Rachel Barron to our school for another round of Creative School workshops. She worked with the PYP and LGRP 2 and 3 students on creating images out of simple shapes, through stamping. Students learned about pattern, color, and shapes through experimenting with the different stamps and ink pads Rachel had made and brought. There were also mirrors to use and play with. The students loved it! Thank you, Rachel!

This week, musician Danilo Borgerth will come and work with the PYP and LGRP F and 1 students! They will explore how you can express gratitude through music. We are excited to welcome Danilo to our school! Danilo’s music workshops will be the last round of Creative School Workshops for this school year.

General Library News

Last week on Wednesday, we had our last ever Usborne Book Sale with Yvonne! She brought about 302 books to us, and sold 136 of them! So thank you to all the parents, teachers and students! Because of your purachse, we’ve received free books for the library as well. They will be available to check out in the new school year. Yvonne said that, of all the schools she’s visited over the years, ISGR has the strongest reading culture. That’s nice to hear, right?

Elise Gravel’s books and stickers have arrived, as you know. Most of the students have picked up their books, but not all. You can do that from tomorrow on, in the library after school. Thank you!

The new Storytime magazine has arrived! We’re experiencing a delay in the delivery of the magazines, which has nothing to do with Storytime (I know they mail the magazines to us as soon as they can). But the April issue is finally here now, and we hope that the May issue will be here soon too!

A resource pack for the April issue can be found HERE. You can read “the stories behind the stories” on their blog HERE.

For the families who have Storytime Hub accounts, they can access both the April and May issues. There, you can listen to or read (or do both at the same time) all the stories from the magazine. We currently have 60 Hub accounts, which we’re allowed to keep for free over the summer! I will send out an email in a few weeks to find out who would like to keep their Hub account over the summer, and who doesn’t. We’ve got about 30 families on the “waiting list” for an account, so maybe we can do some switching around. More information on that soon!

PYP Library Times

This week is the last week to check out books! Next week all school library books need to be returned.

All library books from the public library – that you have loaned via us – will need to be returned this week, please!

This week, during circle time, we will explain to the students how to create a public library, if they don’t have one already. And I hope to have time for a read aloud as well!

This week and next week, we might reach out to you to inquire about long overdues.

Looking ahead, our library lesson next week will look like this:

Happy Reading!

Library greetings from Sophie & Fleur

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