Week 23 + Monday 13/6

This is the last full week of school. Full week? Not even that; as today is Sweden’s National Day! It’s hard to believe that we are so close to the end of another school year already!

Before I continue with the Creative School update, the general library news, and the PYP library times, there is something I’d like to share with you. Next school year, I will be on study leave. I will be focusing on learning Swedish (properly! finally!) through the SFI program. I am very excited about this. But of course, I am also sad to leave the students, the ISGR community and “my” library behind for a year. Times goes fast though, and before you know it, another school year will have passed by!

The library will be different next year, as I will not be replaced. Thankfully, Sophie will be there as the librarian, but there will be no library teacher. What that means for the students, the teachers, and the library services itself is unclear at the moment. More information will follow at the start of the new school year. We hope that, when my study leave is finished, I can come back to my role as the library teacher, but that hasn’t been confirmed. The library will be there, that is not going to change. And there will be a (part-time) librarian. But other than that, we will see what the future holds for us! Hopefully mountains of beautiful books, hours of joyful reading and an abundance of reading tips!

Creative School

The PYP and LGRP F and 1 students had a great time with musician Danilo Borgerth last week! They had a chance to try out two different guitars, and two very fun (and unusual!) instruments. Thanks, Danilo! As one of the teachers said, “It was very fun and much appreciated!”

General Library News

We ask you to please return ALL library books this week! Be sure to bring all your library books to school and return them during your library time, or after-school time. Thank you!

Our school will be closed during the summer holidays, and so will our school library. To continue reading through the summer, get yourself an account with the public library. It’s easy and free to arrange! Click HERE for more information.

Everyone is invited to complete the ISGR Summer Reading Bingo during the holidays! You can download the ISGR Summer Reading Bingo below, in both English and Swedish. Please note: this is not a challenge with a celebration or a present, as we’ve done in previous years. No need to show us the completed Bingo sheet. This is just for you, just for fun! Happy Reading!

There is a fun reading promotion event at the Guldhedsbibliotek (the public library branch at Dr. Fries Torget, close to our school) on Thursday, 16/6, from 14.00 – 16.00. All children are welcome to get their “book bag of summer goodies”! Click HERE for more information.

PYP Library News

This week, we will have our last library lesson! I will tell the students about my study leave next year, and maybe we have time for a last read aloud. Students are welcome to play games like chess and story cubes, or to color in a book mark – or simply relax and read!

Since the classes that usually come on Mondays, don’t have their library lesson this week, they will return their books on Monday 13/6. PYP 5 students may return their books this week (after school), as their last school day is on Monday 13/6! Thank you!

Sophie and I will send you one last “Happy Summer and Goodbye!” greeting next week, along with some summer reading tips. And that will then be the last library blog post for a while!

Happy Reading!

With Gratitude,

Your Library Teacher – Fleur

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