A Few Last Things…

We’ve got a few last things to say before you start your summer holidays!

First of all: thank you for a wonderful school year! Or had I already said that? 😉 Thank you for reading with your children, for helping them remember to return their books, and for taking time to read our library blog. I know from experience that there’s a lot to keep track of in life, and library is yet another thing. Thanks for helping us make that thing special!

We’ve had very cozy library lessons last week. While the students were coloring, playing games and reading, I was able to go through all their accounts and check if there were any books still to be returned. Most books are now safely in the library. One student walked in yesterday, and exclaimed, “Wow! So many books! Mindblowing!”. To give an example: usually there are one or two Dog Man books in our graphic novel section, now they’re about 25 Dog Man books sitting on the shelves!

Last Friday, we had our last book club meeting… with author Kristin O’Donnell Tubb! It was magical! The conversation that came out of the Q & A sessions was informative and inspiring. The students had such interesting questions, and Kristin had very insightful answers. Kristin explained to us that she writes because of the connections we can make through stories. This certainly was true for us in that moment: we connected for 90 minutes, sharing our thoughts, feelings and ideas regarding The Story Collector, the book we had read together over the last few months. I would like to thank all the students in our ISGR book club, their parents for helping them log on every month, and of course Kristin for allowing us to ask her so many questions! We have learned tons, and I hope to do this again!

This is a photo Kristin took with her mobile phone during the book club meeting. Look at all those smiling faces!

Some students asked about the ISGR Summer Reading Bingo. Here it is:

And don’t forget the “summer book” event at the Guldheden Library, close to school, this Thursday 16/6!

Here is the information in Swedish:


I Ă„r med det mystiska temat I skuggan av…

Kom och fÄ en bokpÄse med spÀnnande innehÄll som du ocksÄ kan proppa full med spÀnnande böcker!

Vi hjÀlper dig att hitta massa kul lÀsning med lÄnetid som rÀcker hela lÄnga sommaren. Det blir ocksÄ pyssel, tipspromenad och godsaker.

Ingen anmĂ€lan â€” bara att komma!

BokpÄsar kan Àven hÀmtas efter invigningen och delas ut sÄ lÀnge materialet rÀcker.

Ålder: Alla barn frĂ„n 6 Ă„r

Tid och plats: Torsdag 16 juni, kl. 14-16 pÄ Guldhedens bibliotek, plan 2

Kostnad: Gratis

So this is it then! The last library blog post for a while. I think that next school year, any library updates will go via Toddle and Schoolsoft.

Thanks again for everything!

Have a beautiful summer break, and don’t forget to read. 😉

With gratitude (also on behalf of Sophie),

Your Library Teacher

– Fleur

p.s. If you’ve still got books to return, we’re here until Tuesday 21/6. You can leave them at the reception, or bring them up to the library. Thanks!

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