Welcome back to the library!

Now we are a few weeks into term and borrowing is in full swing, I wanted to write a quick welcome post from the library. We may be temporarily one (wo)man down but all classes are still coming every week to borrow books and get reading tips and inspiration. I am also very grateful to my parent volunteers who have been so helpful already this term. The new book display is overflowing with new fiction and over the next few weeks we’ll have fiction and nonfiction displays celebrating Health Week , UN (FN) day and of course the popular Halloween display before the autumn break. On Thursday and Friday in week 36 we celebrated International Literacy Day together with Göta campus. During which, we promoted Malala’s books to showcase how many children internationally still fight for the chance to learn to read and write. And of course, apart from our books, we still have our popular listening station and subscriptions to the fabulous Storytime magazine and First News. The online resources page on the blog is updated too, so check out some of the amazing resources on there to support reading enjoyment and learning at home.

If you didn’t get the chance to see the reorganised library during Open House, here are some photos of our beautiful school library. Here’s to a wonderful autumn term in the library! – Librarian Sophie

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