Read around the world and Reading Festival 2023!

It’s been ‘all go’ in the library since term started in January. Diplomas were given out to students who took part in the winter reading challenge. This year students could choose between quizzes to test their knowledge of Harry Potter or The Diary of the Wimpy Kid or to take home a reading bingo.

January saw the launch of our new interactive display ‘Read around the world’. Students are encouraged to read story books from our library that are about other countries. If they’ve enjoyed them, I’ll print out the cover and put it on our map. This way we can read around the world together and share stories about other cultures and countries. The students can contribute all the way till summer so it will be interesting to see how full the map gets and if we have any gaps!


The first contribution on the map was the book Woodsong by Gary Paulsen that some grade 5 students read with me as part of a mini book group in December last year. It was really fun reading and discussing this wild book about dogsledding and the Alaskan wilderness with them. Thanks to Aarush, Anush, Quoc Toan, Arvid and Vikhyaat for being part of the wild ride!

Reading Festival 2023!

Week 9 will be our annual ISGR Reading Festival and we’ve got lots of ideas planned for filling the school with reading and creativity. Don’t forget Friday is the day to dress-up as your favorite book character. Photos to come!


After school on Thursday 2nd March we will be holding a Readathon as we have done in previous years. This is a chance to raise money for a charity (of the students choosing) through simply quiet reading. Parents, friends or neighbours can sponsor a child a certain amount to read for a set amount of time. Everyone taking part will gather in the library after school on Thursday to read quietly and cosily together and staff will be present to sign off the forms, noting for how long they have read for. Full details are available on the sponsorship forms which will be given out at school to those who are interested. If your child goes to PAL and wishes to take part, don’t forget to discuss this with the PAL teachers first.

Until next time!


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